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Rihanna Bloodied, Beaten, Bitten By Chris Brown: Reports (12162 hits)

*When I 1st heard about this report, I read it and thought to myself "hey don't know the whole story, but I hope it's not true. Then I read this and saw photo and I'm disgusted. This is down right a sick punk, that ran when MEN showed up... That's a dominating, controlling hypocritical bully... I could say much more. Here are the links, feel free to let me know what you think.*
Tuesday, February 10th 2009 at 6:58PM
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Hi William, as a strong supporter of women in general, and being educated about domestic violence--the story supports Mr. Brown's actions--I feel so much pain for Rihanna--women posit a lot of "don't attack my brother because I like him"..usually about entertainers--witness R. Kelly--I am the only female I know that is not feeling him anymore. Thanks for blasting.
Wednesday, February 11th 2009 at 8:26AM
Marta Fernandez
Hey Marta, appreciate the time, read and comments Sis.
I agree with you from what I see at this present time. Just look at the photo in the link.
RKelly? Count me in on the male side of what you say. I used to love RKelly music, thought he was brilliant musically. Loved to dance, etc. off his music.
Now I don't deal with it or by it any longer.
I was a big Michael J. fan back during the day also, even used to defend rumors against him, but too many child allegations came out.
I call that common sense and being human myself.
I wrote against Jesse Jackson in a blog, stating how spiritual Michael J. was during his last trial. In Proverbs the Bible states not to call wrong good (Pro 24:23-25).
I did not want to be hasty or spread slander. But when I read the latest articles, I felt compelled to say something. Bishop T.D. Jakes spoke up on behalf of Juanita Bynum, I heard Bishop Bloomer speak up for her to.
I think there is confusion between judging and having an opinion. Any person with a heart speaks right and wrong. I have asked anyone that has respect for a preacher, "If a preacher never said anything against anything and agreed with everything, what good would he/she be?
I could say much more on this, but I hope you and others get the gist of what I am saying here.
Again I state and I certainly don't know everything that I am a counselor that deals with with abused women and young female teenagers.
I have dealt with setting so many women up with help and they make a 180 degree turn around, go back, nothing I can do and then they come back...
I have dealt with mothers where the daughter was abused, knew them in Church, she helps him through jail (I met with him in crisis at hospital) and she took jim back in. The 15 yr old daughter have not seen here since. She was attending a Bible class I was teaching. Some women would defend the mother to...
Wednesday, February 11th 2009 at 8:50AM
Hey Elynor, I agree, regardless we are all God's children. That's a good thing you feel compelled to do or state.
Thank you, take care.
Wednesday, February 11th 2009 at 5:16PM
when will women say enough is enough and have the courage to leave? That's a question that has been asked for years will we every find the asnwer I sure hope so. Women are abused everyday, myfriend was this last weekend in frount of her four children. Am I glad DSS told her he can't come back and if she takes him back they will take her kids, I am overjoyed. I'm tired of all the bickering and fighting and the kids calling me sceaming and crying. No one should ever have to live like that it's not safe nor is it healthy. No person becasue some women are abusive, deserve to be continuosly abused. I watched my father abuse my mother and she just took it becaise she believed no man would want her. I prayed to God that he would deliver my mom from father and if he did I would do everything in my power to help her find herself again. He has done just that it was a long journey but we made it my mom has a new since of self worth and she will except noting but the best becasue she deserves nothing less.
Friday, February 13th 2009 at 7:33AM
Shaneeka Jones
Hello Shaneeka, thank you so much for sharing, taking the time and enriching this blog with something as valuable as life experience!
My father was abusive to my mother but I was to young to know it until it came out years later, but my lasting memories of him before he left was that he slapped me in the face and my nose bled at the table and no one helped me. I was 5, that was the year my father left and me, my sister and brother ended up in foster care.
We got blamed as kids by the way...
Sis what you state is adding action to "PRAYER".
This is what the Church did years ago and there are so many women who have families where the generational curse grew. Each generation on average does what they know. Those women got blamed to as far as, "What was their part in it".
My mother is on mental health medications to this day, many other women have mental issues along with their children.
Chris Brown states his mother was beat and so he gets a pass?
What did he warrant to "Bite Her her fingers?" I have the empathy to imagine Rihanna as a family member. There is only male and female ender that I know of.
Also on averge the children who state they won't do, usually do or are victims of, even passive can be agressive. I learned this from my Dog and watching animal planet. They showed the Dog that is attacked was the Dog that was the agressor...
Wht you state is wisdom Sis for people to either listen to or reject.
Unlimited stories are out there, I have seen and been involved in so many cases from physically defending a sister being beat and burned with hot irons (people blamed her to and she testified against me in court on his behalf...). People can also be stubborn and stick to their beliefs and ways which is ignorance and lack of empathy. Until it happens to them.
I remember riding with a woman that is a Pastor. Her Neice was suffering abuse at the hands of husband and the father of her children. She rammed his vehicle with her vehicle when she caught him with another woman. This woman pastor stated while we were riding to watch Bishop Bloomer of NC preach stated, "I'm going to pray for her to go back to her husband!". I told her, "This is wrong, that is not love, what if he has Aids, then you are praying for her demise and what about the children and sometimes God allows answering prayers, the father to be taken out the home and then she goes to get him back, etc.".
She disputed until Church when Bishop Bloomer spoke about abuse and Juanita Bynum being brought down by who she was attached to. This woman pastor was all hoy ghost and amen then and my Aunt who was riding also (she is a woman pastor as well), looked over at me because Bishop Bloomer said the same exact words I stated in the car, a short while ago... Recently the woman pastor told me I was right and she was wrong months later.
I give credit where due for what ou did Sis. Keep up the great work.
Again I state a cliche I have heard and I use, "Evil only survives when good folk sit back and do nuthin."

Friday, February 13th 2009 at 8:14AM
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