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My love exist and is forever abundant !
Thy will be done.....
Well, isn't that suppose to be one of the greatest commanments ? To love thy neighbor as thyself ?
If we did, sin, hate, evny, and all the other perils and tribulations that mankind has , would be at a limit or non-existing.
Don't assume we were all reared in the same household, developed character and integrity. At one time we had it like this, but it got taken away ! (among other things )
Some of us have it ,....others don't.
Heck, most of us don't know how to be equitable either. So to be able to resolve conflict, well...., thats another horse of a different color.
How can we have this if it isn't IN US ? Find it, learn it, and develope it ! That's how !
Sure ,this is a network where we should be able to agree to disagree, but to what degree ? To put it simply, at least enough to be civilized, thats how !
I should be able to say what I want without you cussing me out for one, and disrespecting me for another. Above all, my style of writing is just that,..... mine!
If you try and change that, you're the one with the problem.
Thats why networks like this feature words like, "REPORT OBSCENITY".
To at least keep things at bay and people from being "REALLY STUPID !
I should be able to voice my opinion, give my prospective, and share what I have to offer with ease. But if I can't do that, ...then what's the point ?
The same applies if you're the only one allowed to speak or feel you have the only opinion.
No matter who you are, what gives you the right ?
Again, what's the point ? You might as well do all the blogging !
Heck, you don't even have to like me, but I should be able to say what I want just as any other !
Lord help us if we were in the position to control each others words and thoughts.
Don't laugh, this happens a lot, given the right opportunity!
So when things become more personal, rather than professional, And you're asking me to be, Houston, here's another problem.
While we're on the subject of love and write.
A lot of us own our own companies and share similar interest and thoughts on being equitable and fair with our employees and prospective customers. Why ? Because not only does it make good business sence, but it makes business better !
A company is only as good as it's employees.
It's most VALUED CUSTOMERS, well,... thats who the real boss is !
How many of you employers received a Christmas Card or Thank You for having what you offer as a service ? Did you stop and think to return the gesture with a note of thanks ? Well you should have, because chances of them being REPEAT customers and recommending you would be a given. For you, it spells class and elegance ,with a good sence of etiquette.
I recently commented on a Sister's blog, and expressed that we don't really hear each other when we speak because we have yet to learn how to communicate. We must also learn how to hear the concerns of our clients and customers. Not only the ones who pays the rent, but all of them.
Untill that day comes, when we can really hear what each one has to say, will there be a REAL Sociable Connection.
By now you would think we could take a look around and see how other races love each other and the way they do things.
IF only we would open our eyes.
Untill that day comes, each one , REALLY needs to teach one !

In memory of One with Divine Insight and Great Wisdom , (who loved writing and who kept us informed).
Posted By: Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 12:53PM
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...In memory of One with Divine Insight and Great Wisdom , (who loved writing and who kept us informed)...

I know you're not thinking of leaving this site and if you can just forget about it!! It is true, some of us women need to learn how to agree to disagree with one another w/o taking the disagreement to a personal level...something that my best girlfriend respects me for ( at least that's what she tells me). It isn't easy to do the "diplomatic thing" for some of us women because some of us have "the fight" etched in our DNAs, but with time I hope we can all learn to just get along. ((smiles))

Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 1:26PM
Jen Fad
No, I'm not leaving but I know a few who has. One was a great informer ! I dedicated this to them.
It's unfortunate to not have them among us !
Me ? My work has just begun ! Lol !
Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 1:34PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
You are right. It would be nice if we could all treat each other with compassion and understanding. Sometimes we say things that can be taken the wrong way and when you are on an online community the social cues that would be picked up in a face to face conversation are missed so literal words are sometimes harder than what the spirit behind the words may have been. Thanks for this post because it was definetely needed.

God bless
Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 2:53PM
crystal smith
Thanks for the inspiration Sister Minister. I haven't always been in my right mind when I'm blogging. I'm young & still learning to forget about what people have to say.
Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 5:11PM
Siebra Muhammad
Yes, you are BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, and definately, a GODDESS !
Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 6:38PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
...Great blog! Your work has begun on a high note...

I second that motion Brother Mozell!!

Sunday, April 5th 2009 at 9:51PM
Jen Fad
I get overly concerned about how we're treated and overloked as a people.
disrespectful actions have no place with us nowadays and we need to speak up and out when things aren't right.
That's the bottom line !
All we have is ourselves !
Those who have/had power, are losing it everyday becaus they were'nt right with people. All People !
Monday, April 6th 2009 at 12:28PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
I need everyone to go back and read this post I've written !
Again, sometimes we don't hear each other !
What I really wanted to do was for you all to read BETWEEN THE LINES !
Some picked up on it, others didn't !
Let me Just say this!

This post was dedicated on Marta's behalf and what was done to her that wasn't right.
She's an asset to this site ( or was ),as well as all others ,for what she's capable of bringing to the table. She didn't deserve what happened to her, so I decided to write on ways we insult each other's intelligence. Including managment. When we DON't Listen to each other.
There's a problem when I help you,( make you look good, if thats your thing ) ,and you don't take the time to hear me out when there's an issue.
2 things will happen. 1. I'll leave you alone, and 2., it can be your loss. Not on my account, but Yours !
We have to speak up and go to bat for each other ! Thats the sign of the times, at least it is for ME !
This was intended across the board !
Monday, April 6th 2009 at 4:39PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Respect Yourself or ain't nobody gonna give a good- ka- hoot !
Monday, April 6th 2009 at 4:44PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Wow. Marta was a strong personality. I hope she comes back. We all sometimes have strong opinions and its a shame that we sometimes feel as if we need to hold back. Brother Maxwell is correct that this board is real tame compared to alot that is out there. I really hope we can get past this as well because our voice has been taken for so long. Prior to civil rights we were forced to walk, talk and handle ourselves in a very defined way. We really need to realize we are no longer in that day. I am sure I have stirred some waters and set some aback by my remarks but by no means were they meant to be a personal attack against anyone or what they believe. I know that she will be missed hopefully after a little time of healing she'll be back.
Monday, April 6th 2009 at 10:12PM
crystal smith
She wants me to let everyone know that she's touched by everyone's input and response.
She told me to tell you thank you and how much she appreciates each and every one of you.
Monday, April 6th 2009 at 10:26PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
I must say that I am deeply saddened by the whole "turn of events". I'm really missing Marta's blog posts as well as I'm missing the way she 'could bring it' in her hot Cubano way.
Tuesday, April 7th 2009 at 2:39PM
Jen Fad
Yes, You see, Marta was a giver.
She gave her insight and prospectives in a way that we needed. Not to mention her spin on keeping us informed, on the court and off. Plus she enjoyed doing what she did.
We need this if we are to move forward. She gave us what she loved to do, via blogging.
People like her don't come everyday .
Did we always agree with everything she said ? No ! But made you think ! ( They call that growth by the way ) !
I mostly did agree because I could relate and understood, most of the time what she was saying. But not on everything, because I had my own prospective. Challenge is a good thing !
She gave worldly views as well, most of us don't even attempt to go out the back yard.
We stick to the same tired topics, eat the same tired food ,then when someone comes a long to enlighten us, we look the gift horse in the mouth.
We don't even look at the gift cause we think somethings' wrong with it.
We need to get with the program, Latinos, Cubans and yes ,Blacks are going to take over this country sooner than we think ! ( we're all cut from the same rug, by the way ) !
People, our people especially need to learn about business etiquette.
We get stuff and we forget where we come from, amost happens all the time.
We think people owe us, and forget that it's people who help make us shine.
Then we wonder why we don't patronize each other ?
Yeah we have it twisted !
I'm with her on this one !
We need to fricken grow up with this, .... and with the quickness too !
Tuesday, April 7th 2009 at 5:39PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Who can fight with the 'powers that be'? One thing for certain is that I miss Marta here...(((smiles)))
Thursday, April 9th 2009 at 10:57AM
Jen Fad
I have confidence that some of those that have left will come back...why...because u-n-c-o-n-d-i-t-i-o-n-a-l TRUTH AND LOVE always win in the end.

If you leave MG my emotional reactions will rule and not my ability to continue to be a teaching-information tools (and to learn from)for my beloved community on this site and in my own daily life.

We do too often not accept that we are human and that the first law or instinct of the human being is to survive and to be happy.We can only be able to do this when we take full responsiablity for our own actions upon our enviornment(which is our community).This is not the responsibility of any person or thing besides our own self that is if we have our own identity and not one that someone else's showing disrespect, disagreement or any thing set value that we ACCEPTas something that we originated!!! allowing others to value us over/aboutsomething then believe we must accept because someone or something demanded us to do,bethis as beyond oour control.Because insanity is doing the samething over and over and expecting a different out come from this behavior.

I am a GODDESS in the making and a part of GODDESSES BLESSING GODDESSES,end of story!!!!

Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
"..and I third that motion sister(and Goddess)Jen(smile)and a big grin and a giant hug to all of 'us' BLACK IN AMERICA...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
MG, your calming voice and advice that helps all sides of an issue is maybe(??) needed over on another blog refering to Marta...STIWRHTM(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
crystal never apologize for speaking the truth expecially when it comes to the REAL world of being BLACK IN AMERICA,because as you so boldly stated in your comment,"...because our VOICE has been taken for so long..."

The same way that my generation of the 60s made a 'change', it is now up to your generation to do better than we did and to teach those of the next generation to do even better themselves.OK , Sister crystal eventhough it is going to be very hard to top you younge people's January 21,2009!!!!!!!(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Life is a PROCESS...which tends to only happen by way of 'correcting' our mistakes or missing the wate when the well drys up.

In a way Marta has not left, because a blogg she wrote last month is so relevant today it is as if she had been able to see into the future therefore some of us still comment on Marta's bloggs.And, because Marta and I are both Goddesses in the makings we are together in spirit and in purpose of truth and peace by way of using knowledge as a weapon in our fight for unity and any injustices like this...

so I say MARTA LIVES ON BIA...(smile) now I wait for her to up date blog information as /like Cuba and American in talks...reported 4-7-09, I need Marta's indepth reports on this as only she can do it...

Marta this Black community needs you...any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace...I just put my dog in this fight for equality,respect, justice,humanity,etc...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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