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I'm fine with God, it's Christians and the Church I can't stand !
Not all, but "Most"
Before you come at me, remember what I said...... "MOST!"
Why do I say this being a "Woman of God ?" Because I can, and it's the "Truth."
Just like you, I was brought up in the church, read the bible and even bumped it up a bit and became a Minister and Divine Divinity.
I'm forever seeking the truth, and don't act like you haven't been either!
In the past weeks, I wrote about the Holy Ghost Coach, well you need to know that the Holy Ghost is YOU ! The "Real You !" God resides in you, so what does that make you ? Well, the Church don't want you to believe that, they want you to have to submit to them.
What part of "Greater is he that is in thee", are you not getting ?
Why is that so hard to believe?
I'll tell you why,.... because you have been programmed, that's why, and you are ASLEEP !
You have not been told the "WHOLE TRUTH', and the very thing you want and need right now is the truth and nothing but the truth, but you are afraid of it.
Furthermore, you need to know the Godhead, which is Christ,God and you, the Real You.
What is God? The bible says in II CORINTHIANS 5:18 that God is everything.
We can't imagine how great this Universe is. It takes a thousand years to go just across the Milky Way even if you travel with the speed of light. But macrocosm is just one part of the picture; there is also the microcosm, the small universes you can find in a drop of water. Except for the mind of Man and Woman, there is nothing as great as God, there is nothing as great as Life, there is nothing as great as YOU! This is a fact, not a faith. And facts are what we are after, facts are what we need.
Is your Church giving you all the facts ?
In COLOSSIANS 2:3-4 It says: "In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing word."
But we love hearing these words in Church don't we ?
All that is known lies within you. the Church won't tell you this either !
In fact, try asking a question that you're not sure about in church and see that if you keep on asking questions,... that soon you will be shown the door.
In fact, you may get a letter asking that you don't ever come back.
But it must be right, you say, my people also grew up in the Church, generations have and we have made it... BY and By !
Well, I say to you,.....understand, whatever you believe to be right IS RIGHT !
Our people prayed and believed, and prayed and believed so hard and so... much that they were able to make things happen and didn't realize that the power to do this, was in them !
Because we had a lot taken from us, including the belief in ourselves, we had to believe in something and the Church was it.
Religion grew out of superstition and priestcraft because the Church is a business. With three hundred million pounds of capital they don't believe in the Holy Ghost that's in you, they believe in the trinity of rent, interest and profit.
I vow to expose them, being a Minister, I'm in the position to do so.
Most churches are not right !
There are more hypocrites, liars, pedophiles and crooks in them then ever before, and all in the name of "JESUS !
Why are they so corrupt ?
These are saved people, so why didn't Jesus save them ?
If Jesus came to save the world, why is there still sin ?
People all over the world are gaining consciousness and seeking the truth.
They are "Falling Away" from the Church !
Even our President has fell away from one ! It's a matter of fact that people are falling away from the Church everywhere.
You would think that from all our contributions toward Churches, we as a whole as people, woud be in a lot better position today than we are.
Why not ? It couldn't be that there's a money shortage in churches, that's for sure !
Lastly, you need to know that Church and State are like siameese twins, both will keep you in a begging position, God heard you the first time you asked,( heard you loud and clear inside you ). Remember,that's where God dwells !
Do you know why there's an oath involved in most official business ?
To keep these two twins binded together !
Essentially, we are slaves to them both. Instead of them working for the people, they are NOT it's the other way around !
If man was born free, why isn't he free now ?
Because there's a price for freedom, that's why, and the Church and State is going to make you pay for it some kind of way.
But you are so.... asleep that you have lost touch with yourself and don't even KNOW WHO YOU ARE !
So why am I telling you this? Why me ?
Why not me ? And why not the truth ?
Someone needs to tell it !

Posted By: Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 10:52AM
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..."God resides in you, so what does that make you ? Well, the Church don't want you to believe that, they want you to have to submit to them. What part of "Greater is he that is in thee", are you not getting ?" ..."Lastly, you need to know that Church and State are like siameese twins, both will keep you in a begging position, Do you know why there's an oath involved in most official business ?
To keep these two twins binded together !
Essentially, we are slaves to them both. Instead of them working for the people, they are NOT it's the other way around ! If man was born free, why isn't he free now ?"...

I so get what you are saying right now and have experienced the enslaving nature of my two former churches that I really don't like organized religion for the business that it is. I'm so free now that I vow never to allow my mind to ever be enslaved to human agenda and profiteering again! Thank you for that truth Doc.

Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 4:57PM
Jen Fad
Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 4:59PM
Jen Fad
Good for you !
It is time for people to WAKE UP !
Like Goddess Irma always says.
The Church and State were set up to be our servants, but now we are their servants. In Galatians 4, we find that as long as we remain a child, we are under this Church-State system though we own it. Doesn't it seem kind of strange that something that you own becomes your master ? Remember the words in I Corinthians, "let no man Glory in men: for all things are yours." Without us, the Church and State cannot exist. This is why I had to also include what Paul said in Galatians 4:26 that we are born free, that we are not slaves. But we are if we continue to allow this system to dominate and rule over us.
Also we find Paul saying in Ephesians 6:23 that our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.
Is it not known in America that the Church and State are both under the same God? Don't we say that we are "one nation under God?" Have you ever thought about God and how he is running this show through the State and through the Church ?
When I mentioned the two being siamese twins, I should also include that if you kill one, the other will die.
The church says if you will join our church and be a good person, then we will see that you have a beautiful home where the streets are lined with solid gold. If you break the rules, then we will put you in a fire and burn your butt for ever and ever and ever. This is why the Church rules.
We find the State taking the next best thing. They say that if you will be a good Republican or Democrat and keep your mouth shut, then they will tax the hell out of you; but don't say anything. If you say anything they will put you behind bars. They put you behind bars because they won't stand for it.
All of this is a a reward and punishment system. A system used to train animals.
Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 5:49PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Thursday, October 1st 2009 at 5:51PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Doc you better say it! Oh you have said everything that has been on my heart for the past year. I've been so burned by the "church" system. Just 2 1/2 weeks ago, I junked all those tapes, cds, and books that I was brained washed into buying. Doc it's all about profit for the leadership in some of these organizations.

Also the government system is the same. You don't get rewarded for being an Independent. Has any presidents been elected running on the Independent ticket if there is such a thing. Like you said you have to either be a Democrat or Republican. It's just another game and if you play it well you just might win. Or should I say... it's the old system of if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Doc thanks again in all that you have said. Paul also said, in I Corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. I assure you that those mind games that people play in the church and in government are behind me now.
Friday, October 2nd 2009 at 1:38PM
Jen Fad
I'm glad we're having this dialog Sis !
To date there's almost 40 hits on it, and if you notice, ain't nobody saying anything on this issue but me and you.
We already know why, don't we?
Being programmed and scared, that's why !
But somebody is reading ! Believe that !
There's a lot of people that dig what's being said here !
There's a lot that's going to be revealed, I'm glad you're one that knows where I'm going with it.
Another thing to show how close the church and state are together on. They build similar buildings, big buildings, with auditoriums, seating capacity, and altars. The judge wears a long black robe, and many ministers wear similar back robes. They say that they are defenders of the constitution, but there are only two places where the constitution is no good. If you go into any of the old churches and offer to speak your mind, they will pitch you out in a hurry. Though they say that they will defend freedom of religion, they do so only if they make the religion. Go to the state, go to the courtroom and you will find no freedom of speech !
The church wants to beg you for money first; they want their money before they will speak to God for you. Now the judges are the same way. They want you to throw yourself at the mercy of the court. They want you to prostrate yourself and beg to the system.
once a asked a couple of lawyers if they knew what it meant to take an oath. They said an oath was to tell the truth. They didn't tie it in with God. Did you know that an oath makes God your Bondsman? You can't get into the system without taking an oath. The system does deceive many people. When you take an oath you confirm God, whether you like it or not. When you take an oath you swear to God as your bondsman to insure you're telling the truth.
Every president has to take an oath on the bible. And church and state has dominated this planet because we let this happen !
To touch base a little on what you said about being a child and becoming grown; When I was a child I really believed in Santa Claus, and thought Santa was a real person. When I became a Woman I knew that I was Santa. That I was the one that bought what I needed and wanted, and for my children. In the same way I believed Uncle Sam was a person. As I grew older I discovered I was Uncle Sam. When I was a child in Sunday school, I was taught God was a man living in a place called heaven. He would give me things if I was good and punish me if I was bad. After I became a woman I began to think, read, and study for myself and found out that I have God in me, having God in me, therefore making me of God,I understand that the ONLY rewards I receive were from myself and the only punishments I brought on myself.
Also, I understand the sigma behind us being punished for reading. Because it was going to be a matter of time that we would learn, study, and make the connection to the truth.
Friday, October 2nd 2009 at 3:45PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
If I could write a book with all the "labels" that the church people have given me...unsubmitted to authoriy, self willed, rebellious, uncommitted to the things of God, etc... I could go on and own, but I won't. It doesn't even matter anymore and it feels so good to be free.
Friday, October 2nd 2009 at 7:10PM
Jen Fad
..."When I became a Woman I knew that I was Santa. That I was the one that bought what I needed and wanted, and for my children. In the same way I believed Uncle Sam was a person. As I grew older I discovered I was Uncle Sam"...

That's some real revelation there Doc. That's what I call, the "I AM" phenomenon. This is really unwelcomed dialogue for church leadership, because if it weren't for most women in the church many programs would fail.

Friday, October 2nd 2009 at 7:28PM
Jen Fad
Someday in the not-so-distant future, churches will be shut down ! They are closing now !
People are discovering that they don't need them, can't afford them, and that it has always been a BIG FAT LIE !
Heaven and Hell are very important things to the church, they have only one thing in mind when they talk about Heaven and Hell and that is to dominate you and lord over you.
The so-called African-American Negro, will be the last to pull out, he always is in America.
But we know, anything the white man does or has, he'll jump on the band wagon eventially.
Let us look at some of the rewards that the churches promise you. St. John 14:2, "In my Father's house are many mansions.... I go now to prepare a place for you." Now take a look at this mansion. In Revelations 21:18-19 we learn that the walls are jasper and that "the city was pure gold." We are told that".... the foundations of this wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. Doesn't this sound like a beautiful city to you ?
When you talk to people about Heaven they tell you that it is a very spiritual place. My question is, if Heaven is such a spiritual place, then why do they need all of that gold and precious stones ?
About the "I AM phenomenon, God said it to Moses , I am what I am. We need to say this to ourselves and start learning that the world was made by us, and for us !
Colossians 1:15
Yeah Sis, I know this is unwelcoming, but what are they really doing for people ? Besides taking their money ?
Our younger generations, the ones who have sence, are smarter. Every generation gets that way, so the churches are destined to fail.
Man will re-discover fire an all other powers, and realize he could do it with his mind !
Saturday, October 3rd 2009 at 9:23AM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Many churches are nothing more than social clubs, but without the benefits other clubs offer their members. I can't wait until 'chat' feature comes to this site, but until then I guess we will have to limit it to a blog. Thanks again for the great blog!!
Saturday, October 3rd 2009 at 2:26PM
Jen Fad
For sure Sis !
But very soon they will be turned into dance halls.
They will be closed down !
Human beings are eternal; but our bodies are born out of the Earth. When people started to move around, their paths crossed. Sometimes conflicts arose, ( like on this network sometimes )LOL !
Sometimes people just got together and talked. As they talked about spiritual matters, they found out that they had a lot in common, and so they created what was later to be called the Church.
All the stories in the bible basically came from us and were stolen.
Also,when people, ( the Europeans ), saw the African Goddess being worshiped while they were still draging their women by the hair, they had to bring that to a screeching halt as well.
I won't pick up on that now, between the knowledge that you and I have shared so far..... It might be a little too much for now for some people.
We sure as heck didn't have the Bible with us when we were stolen.
But notice that the church is anti-christ for sure !
Wait till everyone discovers for themselves that Jesus and Christ are NOT THE SAME !
Talk about gnashing of the teeth, wow !
Anyway, through the ages the church grew and grew. And as it grew, people lost their control over it. Somewhere along the line the powers had switched. You had no control over the system anymore, the Church controlled you. People became the servants of the Church that they themselves had created to serve them.
Nothing but little has changed throughout the ages, but people are waking up at an alarming rate. The Church is still oppressing billions and billions of people all over the world. The Church is the strongest and richest power in the world, and governs our lives in thousands of ways.
God lives in a box all week and comes out on Sunday in funny clothes to talk about money. Isn't that something ? LOL !
Monday, October 5th 2009 at 2:57PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
..."The Church is still oppressing billions and billions of people all over the world. The Church is the strongest and richest power in the world, and governs our lives in thousands of ways. God lives in a box all week and comes out on Sunday in funny clothes to talk about money. Isn't that something ? LOL"...

You're right Doc. God can't be confined to the 4 walls of a building and some of these organizations are extremely wealthy. As a matter of fact the organization that my husband and I sometimes attend has churches all over the world and it's mission is to establish new churches. I wonder if it is ambition to fulfill the visionary's own agenda or whether it's actually for the glory of God?!

Currently we are in the process of trying to purchase a bigger building and it's no wonder that the messages are coming from guest ministers who's sermons are directed at the parishners re: "Giving to God & He'll reward You". People are being levied to pledge money. It's real sad Doc. I'm not bothered though. I've wised up and have awakened out of sleep for some time now.

I have no problem giving to a worthy cause, but many of the churches have no true missions or outreach programs in the communities where they are located or nothing to help people in need. Shucks Doc, there are people within these churches who have tremendous needs. People at the last church I attended before moving to a new neighborhood far away had homes that were in various stages of foreclosure. Did those people have no faith or a lack of faith in God?

Tuesday, October 6th 2009 at 1:32PM
Jen Fad
We find in the Bible that we can Do exceedingly abundantly above all things that we can "THINK."
People need to realize that they are king on this planet and need to take the reins of their kingdom.
First believe it or not, there are some things that need to be done away with that are big stumbling blocks in our lives.
1) Faith- We have been programmed that if we have faith, that it would give us anything we want. But it is not so. The very word itself means that you don't have the substance of what you want. When, in fact you do !
2) prayer- people pray, but they pray in vain. Because they don't get what they ask in pray, they think that they are wrong. They get condemnation and that puts them in a depressed state.
3) Telling yourself that you can't do- We have to do away from the word, CANNOT, because Man/woman can do anything they want to do if they set their mind to it.
Also, what needs to be done away with is the uncontrolled jealousy and the wish to keep up with the Jones. That too is a part of our programming.
We need to plant new seeds in us, positive seeds !
This would be the start to a new life.
If people just looked into a full-length mirror, in the morning each day and said to themselves,.... "I see a beautiful person, I see a good person, a likeable person, a rich person; and I see a person that can have a good life."
After a while they will start to believe this big lie, and the seed will start to grow within them.
It's going to have to take a new birth to become a new human being.
Now this will be the road less traveled for now, I'm glad to see we walk not alone ! Lol !
Tuesday, October 6th 2009 at 2:11PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
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