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MEET SINTA KLAAS !!! (3684 hits)

For those of us who have relatives who still sing soul-injected-Christmas carols and dream about a "White Christmas", try shocking them out of their fantasy world by starting a conversation around the dinner table about Santa's little slave helper, Black Pete. Pete was an Ethiopian slave (a Moor from Spain).

The story of Santa, aka Sinta Klaas was born in Europe. Originally, Klaas had a whole slave ship of "helpers" who were made to do all the dirty work, like keeping the naughty and nice list up to date, climbing down all the filthy chimneys to put lumps of coal in the kids' stockings and "whip" them if they were bad. They were also required to help him delivery all those gifts.

People wouldn't expect Santa to do all that work by himself!

European parents to this day, tell their kids "better be good, or Black Pete will come and get you and take you off to Spain". The legend is celebrated in parts of Europe (notably Holland and Spain...) each year.

The sizeable Black populations do not seem to protest this display as far as I can tell.
Google Sinta, the truth will set you free.
One truth anyway!
Posted By: Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Thursday, December 17th 2009 at 11:41AM
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Hi Dr. Donna! :)

Great blog and so true! :) Having grown up in Africa, Europe and the States, I have long been aware of the traditions behind the "Santa Claus and his Elves" idea. Originally an old, skinny guy named Nicklaus (as you've depicted) the tradition did indeed hold that his "helpers" were slaves particularly his main "helper" Black Pete. You're right, Blacks in Europe have not protested this as far as I know and in the rest of the diaspora many are unaware of this phenomenon or tradition. It's is so interesting what a little knowledge will do for ya'! :) Puts "Santa" in a whole new light for many, I'm sure....I know when I found out about that as a kid, it sure put it in a new light for me! :) Again, excellent blog, thanks for sharing it. :)

Sunday, December 20th 2009 at 1:50AM
Thanks for the comment!
We see that this blog has hits, don't we? LOL !
This is ALL Good, it's high time we wake up to some truths for a change!
I'm glad you appreciated it! ( a heap sees but a few know)
A very few will speak up on things because of fear.
Because of myths like this... the deep-seated feelings others harbor is justified in both a negative/positive way.
God is great! Greater than "Tony the Tiger great ! LOL!
I'm glad that we come from greatness!
Sunday, December 20th 2009 at 8:28AM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Maybe they'll also see why one of the deer had the brightest nose as well! Lol !
Sunday, December 20th 2009 at 8:36AM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
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