African American Education-Raising the Benchmark
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Every year at this time I post this blog.
With the economy being what it is...he's more like Satan!
Gifts? You are the gift!
Our children are happy when we are happy and whole.
No toy on earth can compare to how valuable the gift of love is.

Here is just a little history nonetheless, the damage was done a long... time ago so don't blame me!

For those of us who have relatives who still sing soul-injected Christmas carols and dream about a "White Christmas", try shocking them out of their fantasy world by starting a conversation around the dinner table about Santa's little slave helper, Black Pete.
Pete was an Ethiopian slave (a Moor from Spain).
The story of Santa, aka Sinta Klaas was born in Europe. Originally, Klaas had a whole slave ship of "helpers" who were made to do all the dirty work, like keeping the naughty and nice list up to date, climbing down all the filthy chimneys to put lumps of coal in the kids' stockings and whip them when they were bad. They were also required to help him deliver gifts. People wouldn't expect him to do all the work himself! European parents to this day, tell their kids, "better be good, or Black Pete will come and get you and take you off to Spain".
The legend is celebrated in parts of Europe, ( notably Holland and Spain) each year.
As usual the sizable Black population do not seem to protest this display as far as I can tell.
Google Sinta, the truth will set you free!
Well, one truth anyway.
Year after year, we continue to buy into this whole scene.
African Americans go in hock more over the holidays than any race in America. Can we imagine if we took this money and put it toward our own businesses to create our own jobs, so we could afford to give our children and their children more?
No, we can't!
Posted By: Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Friday, December 24th 2010 at 9:42PM
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This is so.. true and should provide this "Love" everyday, 24/7!
We shouldn't miss the real gifts, ( ourselves ) and what we have to offer each other.
Certainly this should last more that just one day, how about a lifetime?
And this, Beautiful Goddess... is the real reason for the season!

Friday, December 24th 2010 at 10:53PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
I saw a program on television once talking about Sinta Klaas, but they failed to mention about his little slave helpers(lol)
Friday, December 24th 2010 at 11:43PM
Helen Lofton
They fail to mention a lot of the little slave helpers here in America too! Lol!
I always told my children the truth because they needed to know who was going to provide for them always regardless what day it was.
They didn't need to think that some white man, or any man other than their father was going to give them something for free if they were good.
They needed to know that we, ( their parents), determined that because we know them, live with them, and are the ones that provided for them spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Period.
The brainwashing, propaganda, and feeding into the ego starts early in this country.
Actually, every black child in America needs to go to Africa and live for a spell and learn how to survive and live without a few things so they can develop not only in their natural environment, but to learn to APPRECIATE!
Everyday is a holiday, the moment we're living in right now is a gift and is the greatest one we're receiving.
We need to stop getting it twisted and we definitely need to stop feeding into the lies.

Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 1:01AM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Yes they failed to mention Ole Black Pete.
Because there might be some smart relatives of Pete's that might decide to protest and stop spending money that's been making money for everyone other than themselves. LOL!
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 1:19AM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Teach hard Sister Minister! Did I mention I looooveeeee you and I miss you! Let's talk soon!
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 9:12AM
Brother Marcus!
You are so real! I'm not telling my son that those little elves are slaves though. He can find that out on his own hopefully when he's 80.
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 11:23AM
Jen Fad
Trust me Sis, he'll find out way before then if he hasn't already!
Kids are smarter than we think they are, they have eyes, then they can see.
They know already how the playing field has never been leveled and who must work harder to maintain.
We need to know our history in order to begin to heal.The only kind of person I can associate an elf to, would be a midget. Frankly, I've never seen one!
And Fairies, well... according to the latest, they can now serve in the army. Lol!
When I first saw and learned about Santa, or Sinta, (whatever), I was scared to death of him, let alone want to sit on his lap. Being good? I thought most of the time I was being good.
What kind of being good was this strange white man looking for from me that didn't know me?
Then to grow up and find out that he and his kind caused more destruction and pain than any group of people on earth? Well, that said a lot to me about Ole saint Nick!
A saint he ain't, later come to find out... they were molesting kids.
It took years to find a black Santa, let alone a pretty black doll. ( most of the first ones were ugly and the original black dolls we could have as young female slaves in this country didn't have a face.
We spend more money than anyone in this country for the holidays and don't have "Jack"!
if they can lie about good ole Santa, they can lie about the true religion but too many of us still believe that white is right and this is all we want to know.
to some, the truth doesn't even matter anymore.
What a waste of space!
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 2:15PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Hey Bro Marcus!
We definitely need to catch up!
I Looooooove you too!
Always will!
Teach? No brother, I'm still learning some stuff too!
This whole thing has us in too deep.
I must remember also that when Harriet Tubbman tried to help some of our people to freedom that some of them didn't want to go. They wanted to stay wit ole Massa.
Why? Because they loved ole massa and was comfortable with what he gave them.
Yes, they were conditioned!
And here we are today, still CONDITIONED!
Something according to Ole Massa has been working just fine!
( continues to make him rich!)
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 2:28PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
He know! LOL!
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 8:26PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Saturday, December 25th 2010 at 8:43PM
Siebra Muhammad
I'm very new to Sinta Klaus...but as you mentioned..I too, am always a student. Thanks for sharing Sister LaDonna.
Sunday, December 26th 2010 at 10:21AM
Sis Goddess Irma,
when you mention "THEY", suggesting that "They still believe the female is not ready to be a Goddess... we can exclude one Brother that I know of on BIA, and that Brother is Brother Gary.
He has known who the Goddess is for a long... time.
They better ask somebody!
Not yet ready?
She is what she has always been... "THE MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE!
Without her , there be NOBODY! ( EVER! )
It is because of her, that this world exist, it is she... who is in direct connection with the earth and the entire universe. It was for her, it was created in the first place!
In fact, it was SHE, who created it!
You, Goddess Irma, have always been my Lieutenant, you were put in place to protect the people and words that may come at me. Understand that I love you so!
Brother Gary was especially on point. If we are so... blind as to not see by now what has been done to us, than we will continue to be a foolish nation of people. It's that simple!
However, ( something that wasn't anticipated is happening! ) We are beginning to awaken out of this deep sleep, and because we are the "LOST SHEEP", God's "CHOSEN PEOPLE, the people of the "BLACK GODDESS,... we have always had the favor and "Hedge of protection in which there is no other power that supersedes.
We are new to a lot of things that haven't been revealed to us, why?
Because when someone has power over your MIND, they essentially have power over YOU! They OWN YOU!
Keeping you a slave is their main objective.
I'm glad this blog is a part of the world-wide spider web. It may wake some people up and this was my intention.
If it is effective for even 1 black person and their family, then it has done it's job.
We need to stop lying to our children and tell them the truth no matter how painful we may think it is or will be.
We'll find out that the reward in doing so, will be worth it.
Sunday, December 26th 2010 at 12:43PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
This is why we are in the period of Revelations Brother, things are being unfolded and revealed to us.
Many cultures has a ( SUN/SON) God that stemmed from the constellations from ancient times. The 3 days before Christmas are actually the times three stars get into alignment with the Sun that travels downward creating the longest dark days of the year. ( Winter Solstice ), Hence, the 3 Wise Men.
There are 12 signs in the zodiac, hence, the 12 Disciples.
This and much more were stories from our ancestors which later became stolen legacy designed to control the masses through vehicles such as religion. This is no mystery, it's been around. LOL!
The more that we keep dabbling into our history, the more our eyes will stay open long enough for us to keep seeking the truth.
We are all teachers and students and it was meant for us to enlighten each other.
Once this flower completely unfolds, and all the cards are laid on the table... thats when the game will be OVER!

Sunday, December 26th 2010 at 5:14PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
You have to tell the truth for the truth to be known.
Sunday, December 26th 2010 at 10:31PM
Emmanuel Brown
Actually WE, We need to tell it Brother. We!
Because we have been separated for so long, we need to collectively come together in a peaceful forum and eventually talk about it.
By doing so, and telling "The Story", (that can be understood), the truth will be known.
Because others, will know exactly whats being said, can relate, and in most instances be able to follow the dialog.
That dialog would be open to intellectual debate , discussion and a meeting of the minds.
That meeting would create an urgency for change.
That change would bring progress and healing .
Therefore this would bring peace for us to take our rightful places.
This will happen just as sure as the sun sets in the east.
The problem right now is fear, we are afraid to move our feet and open our mouths.
While all along, we have lost our minds!

Sunday, December 26th 2010 at 11:53PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Monday, December 27th 2010 at 3:09PM
Siebra Muhammad
[When I first saw and learned about Santa, or Sinta, (whatever), I was scared to death of him, let alone want to sit on his lap. Being good? I thought most of the time I was being good. ]

I can see your point, but for a different reason (molestation as a child) Doc. It's taken me practically 1/3 of my adult life to overcome my fear of older men and once I did I married one ... (an older man) Doc how did the little Black face men now become little elves here in America?

Monday, December 27th 2010 at 7:44PM
Jen Fad
As a myth and legend.
What started as folklore in Europe, usually makes it's way to America.
Mostly this is due because America has been known as the "Melting Pot" and foreigners bring their traditions with them.
Naturally the story was altered so as to make it fit within the scope of family life here in the states.
Elves and fairies are adopted from Ireland who came to this country in droves in early America.
I posted this because I wanted it to be known how we are viewed in other countries and how the myth originated and by whom.
I'm sure they do not want us to know about this story of Sinta.
It wouldn't be a good idea. Lol!
Monday, December 27th 2010 at 8:12PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
If it is all about the Children beomg happy, safe and secure and family and friends getting together in a form of peace and unity and not about regreting having sent ones self to the poor house then it is all good with me. (smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Be very careful brother Marcus, this is Mother Goddess. lol (smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Sorry Mother Goddess, but sometimes some must be reminded who they are speaking to and not speak AT THEM.(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Mother Goddess, maybe you need to do a lesson on what to do when one feels limits to males....

because they still believe the female is not yet ready to be a GODDESS...


I apologize if I am just to sensative on this matter or just out of bound...(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Mother Goddess, "I" have decidet to in a little while begin a blog series in a RE: Sinta Klaas style format in an attempt to get us as a people to better understand how and why our learning our true culture as our best survival tool is so successfully taught out of us...and, I say this because as an African-American history major, "I' learned that we in teh deep south have more ties to mother Africa in our behaviors/ beliefs than we do to America...and yet we have no idea that we do...we do so many things that we now say is superstious or anti-Christian as automatic and we never realize this at all as culture behaviors taht can not be taught totally out of us after all of theser hundreds of years of trying...AND, YES IT MAKES ME SO PROUD YET ANGRY TAHT WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW THIS AT ALL...

Yes, for us to learn actually how powerful we are is why we must continue to be taught we came not from city states but from teh wilDs of the jungles...and we just eat it uP as we continue to disrPect our females, because she is the MOther figure is the latest social trend we are falling for...and, why is this, it is because of the pride and love the Black male has for his mother (or how not to exchange brains for bronze but to have both under control IS INSTILLED IN HIM BY HER) so now she must be taken out of the picture...


I.R over nad out. lol (smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM

So Mature, So Correct and AGAIN, Thank You for Thinking.........

"Can we imagine if we took this money and put it toward our own businesses to create our own jobs?

No, we can't! "

----- We...? it is not African American Family Folks

It is paganChristian.....RacistlyIgnorant 'blackPeople'

---- that BELIEVE their got/god/gawd is 2016 Years Old and had Died

---- that BELIEVE their got/god/gawd ate chitterlings and pigFeet....

---- that BELIEVE their got/god/gawd LOOKS like "..SINTA KLAAS! SANTA..."

That is what THEY can't Stop doing.......

Sunday, January 1st 2017 at 2:55PM
robert powell
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