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Have You Ever Been Played or Betrayed? by VegasClarke (13071 hits)

Have You Ever Been Played or Betrayed? by VegasClarke

Most folk have felt that deep, wounding feeling of betrayal at one point in their lives. It’s the kind of hurt that keeps you up at night, the kind that makes fury rise up in your stomach, and the kind that makes every word escape from your mouth in the nastiest tone possible. Generally, you ask yourself, “Why? I can’t believe they would do that to me…not him…not her…we were so close. 

Oddly, every betrayal begins with trust; sometimes a lover, sometimes a family member, but most times a friend. Someone once said, “A true friend is the most precious of all possessions and the one we suffer from the most when things turn sour.”

But why do we set ourselves up with false hope? Aren’t friends people too? And aren’t people human? Certainly the answer is yes. People are human and they do make mistakes…but as friends we often call it betrayal. But is it? One of the formal definitions of betrayal reads; to lead astray or to deceive. You decide. 

After surveying many people the line has been drawn in the sand, and you must take a stand. Can you make a mistake or turn on a friend and be forgiven? Should you be given a second chance? One story was told about a woman who desperately loved her friend of fifteen years, but gave into depression mixed with a bit of lust. Crystal, a thirty year old woman was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. Her best friend Keisha poured her heart out to her friend after hearing the news. She dove right in to assist the family with day-to- day activities such as, cooking, cleaning, and taking the kids to after school practices. One thing led to another and Keisha began servicing Crystal’s man. Both Crystal and the husband knew it was wrong but claimed they were comforting one another and helping their souls with the pain of knowing Crystal would be leaving them both with empty hearts soon.

Unfortunately for them, Crystal never died. She’s alive and well today, spreading the word about how she’s been betrayed by her best friend. 

Many other situations have been shared , but another that stands out is intentional deceit; which is also another form of betrayal. What if your back were against the wall, and a situation called for your life or your friends? It’s either you or them. You’ve been asked to aid in their demise. What would you really do? The novel Snitch, written by VegasClarke narrates the lives of four childhood friends who grow into adulthood with a vow to watch each other’s back. But when times get tough, one friend has to make a harsh decision to sing on them all. Unfortunately that decision could land everyone on death row. “ Though friendship is not quick to burn, it is explosive stuff. ” Consult with your so-called friends today. 

Snitch by VegasClarke 
ISBN-10: 1934230766 
ISBN-13: 978-1934230763

Purchase Snitch from Life Changing Books

About VegasClarke 
Authors, VegasClarke demonstrate that opposites attract. Vegas entered a life of crime beginning at the age of 13. Selling drugs was all he came to know which finally landed him a 78-month sentence in the Federal Prison System. During his incarceration, he was able to cope with his time and mature through writing. He put his heart into manifesting urban tales, poetry, and songs. He is currently pursuing his degree in Business Administration and working on the sequel to Snitch. Vegas believes that it is never too late to change his life. On the other hand, in order to change, one has to be willing to change he often tells his fan base.

Clarke developed a passion for writing while becoming an avid reader of all kinds of fiction. Once Vegas and Clarke were reunited, they were able to combine Vegas' street smarts and Clarke's school smarts, creating literary magic while focusing on real-life realities. Clarke graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Communications Studies with a minor in Pan-African Studies. Since then she has changed fields and works in Corporate America, where she is working on a Masters in Business Administration. 

VegasClarke spends their time working on future novels while residing in Cleveland, Ohio with their two children.

Posted By: EDC Creations
Monday, February 28th 2011 at 11:41AM
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